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Fiery Friday (Author Spotlight~Kristine Cayne)

Interview with Kristine Cayne

Q: How long have you been writing erotica and what got you started?

A: I started writing erotic romance at the beginning of 2012. I'm been writing romantic suspense for several years and loved it (still love it), but I got the itch to delve deeper into the sexual side of my characters. I wanted to explore various kinks and fetishes. What better way to do that then with some very high-octane adrenaline junkies? This is why I decided to write firefighter erotic romance with suspense elements or as one reviewer called it: firefighter erotic romantic suspense. :)

Q: Where do you get your inspiration? 

A: For this series, I get my inspiration in a couple places.

For the firefighter aspects, I get it from real-life firefighters, those in the news and those I am in contact with who are so generous in answering all my questions.

For the erotic aspects, I do not claim to have done it all. I write fiction not autobiographies. :) I read articles, watch videos, talk to friends and people in the lifestyle about their experiences. It's a fascinating world, and whatever I can think up, there's someone who's done it!

Q: Which of your characters would you most likely see yourself dating? Why?

A: I love how strong, yet sensitive Jamie is, but I'm not sure our personal styles would gel well. On the other hand, I think William would be just right. I'd shake him up a bit, he'd shake me up a bit. We'd be great together. But alas, he already has Dani. LOL

Q: If your books were made into movies, which actors/actresses do you see playing your main characters?

A: Oh, that's a tough one.

Jamie Caldwell: Stephen Amell
Erica Caldwell:Sienna Miller
Dani Harris: Sophia Bush
William Caldwell: Henry Cavill

Q: What's next for you? Any new releasing coming up that we should know about?

A: I'm actually working on a short story/novella for a paranormal anthology. This is will be my first attempt at paranormal romance and I'm really excited about it. The anthology should release by Hallowe'en.

I'm also working on Deadly Betrayal, the third book of my Deadly Vices series. I'm targeting to release it before Christmas. We'll see what happens. It's a very complicated story, so writing it has been a huge challenge.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you or your writing?

A: As I briefly mentioned, I also write romantic suspense. There are currently two books in my Deadly Vices series: Deadly Obsession and Deadly Addiction. I also have a free short story called Guns 'N' Tulips that will give you a taste of my writing. Enjoy!

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The Works Wednesday (Author Spotlight Kristine Cayne)

From the desk of Kristine Cayne:

Aftershocks (excerpt):

Jamie and his team dropped to one knee as a violent aftershock shook the building. Time seemed to slow and Jamie’s attention was drawn to a crack in the ceiling. Christ, no!
They were so close to victory. Let him be wrong.The groaning of the building as it swayed was so loud, he almost missed his wife’s frantic words over the radio. “Be safe, Jamie.”

“Rickie, are you all right?”He watched, his limbs paralyzed by horror, as a massive concrete support column from the north side of the building buckled. The I-beam it was holding up toppled with it, crashing down directly over the location of his wife and child.

Her loud scream filled his faceplate, and he knew he’d hear it until the day he died.The connecting wall and ceiling crumbled and thousands of pounds of construction material pounded down over the area in the beam’s wake. A roar tore through his throat as he imagined their bodies mangled and trapped under the weight. “Rickie! Chloe!”When she didn’t reply, his heart broke, unable to believe things would end this way. It couldn’t be. This couldn’t happen.Then he heard it. So soft, so final. “I love you.”

“Rickie!” he screamed again. “Rickie!” Oh God. No. Determined to get to her, to Chloe, he took off at a run, charging through the fallen structures.Until strong arms dragged him back. “Jamie. It’s too unstable. Remember your training.”Drew’s calm voice pissed him off. “Fuck my training. My family is there. I’ve got to save them.”

“I know. They’re my family too. But you can’t do it this way.”Jamie looked down at his younger brother. He was solidly built, but not as tall as Jamie. “Who’s going to stop me?”

A hand clasped his shoulder. “I will.”

His heart sank. If push came to shove, Hollywood could probably take him. Fuck. “Come on, guys. You can’t expect me to just stand here and wait for them to die. We’re the damn technical rescue team. Let’s do our jobs and rescue them.”

Hollywood clapped him on the back. “Now you’re talking. But we aren’t charging in there like jackasses on meth.”

Under His Command (excerpt):

Something soft and cool slid over Erica's eyes. “What’s this?” she asked, reaching for it.

“Shh… It’s just a blindfold. To heighten your senses.”

Like she needed her senses heightened? He’d already taken her places she’d never been. “I’m not sure about—”

Jamie's hand smacking her butt cheek completely derailed her train of thought. “Did you just slap me?”

“That was a spank. Now turn around.” He tied the scarf over her eyes, plunging her into darkness.

She really should resist, tell him to stop. Something. But she didn’t. “Okay. Why should I let you spank me?” she asked. So far this night had been like nothing she’d expected. Jamie was skilled and unpredictable. And she was genuinely curious.

“Because you love it.” His fingers trailed down the crease between her cheeks and dipped into her. Her body convulsed, pushing against his hand to take more of him. What was it about fingers that felt so darned good?

Another smack, this one a little harder, had her trembling. “See how wet you are? How good it feels?” he said.

He was so right.

Everything Bared (excerpt):

William lowered his head, pausing when their lips were a mere breath away, and whispered, “For the record, I’m very happy you came to see me.”

Danielle's lips parted as if she were going to respond, but he didn’t give her a chance. He melded their mouths together, his tongue sweeping against hers in an erotic dance that brought back all his pent-up desire in seconds. His cock hardened at the taste of her, the scent of her, the feel of her in his arms. Her moans flowed through him, fueling him. He needed to touch her, to have her skin against his. Now.

After a quick glance to make sure the door was closed, he dragged her around his desk and sat in his chair. Her eyes blazed as she straddled his lap. No words were spoken. No words were needed. His hunger for her had to be as evident as hers for him.

Wrapping his hands around her slim waist, he yanked her against his chest. His cock nestled at the apex of her thighs. She ground against him, increasing the pressure, driving them both mad. “I love seeing you in uniform,” he murmured against her lips. The dark blue of her house pants and shirt set off the creaminess of her skin, and her eyes stood out like two perfect Godiva chocolates.

“Wait until you see me in my bunker gear,” she teased, and he wanted to eat her all over again.

But Danielle seemed to have something different in mind. She squeezed her hands between their bodies and began to tug at his belt. “I love seeing you in these fancypants suits. Do you have any idea how hot you look? Those Armani models have nothing on you.”

She paused in her efforts to undress him and traced the erection that ruined the perfect line of his trousers. He groaned and laughed at the same time. “I’ve got a lot of suits.”

“Thank God.” Leaning in, she licked his chin and pressed her lips to his in a scorching kiss that threatened to make him explode on the spot. Finished with his belt, she popped the button and went to work on his zipper.

When her hand slipped inside his pants and snaked down to grip his cock, he let his head fall back. A groan tore through his clenched teeth. “Your hand feels so fucking good.”

Her chuckle had his eyes snapping open. “What?”

“You cursed again. It’s cute.”

This was the second time she’d laughed at him about swearing. Did she think he was a wimp? Not as tough as her firefighter coworkers? Perhaps it was time to teach her a lesson, give her a taste of the man beneath the veneer. “Cute, Ms. Harris?” he said, pinning her with a glare, his voice low and controlled. “Would you like to know what I plan to do to you?”

Her smile faded.

“I’m going spread you out on my desk and pound my cock into your sweet pussy. I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll scream. So hard you’ll come until you’ve got absolutely nothing left.” With her legs wrapped around his waist, he pushed to his feet and shoved his papers aside as he lowered her to the polished surface of his desk. “Still think I’m cute?”

Eyes-wide, mouth slack, she shook her head. He fought the urge to grin.


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Meeting Monday~ Author Spotlight with Kristine Cayne (Week of September 16-20)

Meet Kristine Cayne

Award-winning author Kristine Cayne is fascinated by the mysteries of human psychology—twisted secrets, deep-seated beliefs, out-of-control desires. Add in high-stakes scenarios and real-world villains, and you have a story worth writing, and reading. Kristine’s heroes and heroines are pitted against each other by their radically opposing life experiences. By overcoming their differences and finding common ground, they triumph over their enemies and find true happiness in each other’s arms. Today she lives in the Pacific Northwest, thriving on the mix of cultures, languages, religions and ideologies. When she’s not writing, she’s people-watching, imagining entire life stories, and inventing all sorts of danger for the unsuspecting heroes and heroines who cross her path.

Books by Kristine Cayne:

The Six-Alarm Sexy series 

Aftershocks (Prequel): 
When Seattle is struck by a devastating earthquake, technical rescue firefighter Jamie Caldwell must save his estranged wife and daughter from the wreckage of a collapsed building. He's defied the odds hundreds of times, but will his luck finally run out for good? 

Under His Command (Book One): A firefighter desperate to save his failing marriage earns the trust--and the sexual submission--of his controlling wife in the most pleasurable of ways. After an explosive one-night stand results in pregnancy, Jamie Caldwell is thrilled to marry the perfect foil to his Dom side. But when his submissive wife starts cringing every time he gives a command, Jamie shackles his dark desires. A bout of rough, frenzied reunion sex makes him wonder if now he should free the Dom he's kept in chains and teach Erica the joys of submission and sexual surrender. Erica Caldwell secretly loved every sinful thing Jamie did to her on their first night together. However, terrified she'll become a codependent doormat like her mother, she repeatedly rejects Jamie's dominance, despite craving the kind of release only he can give her--the release that comes from yielding to Jamie's every demand. Hoping that the trust required by BDSM will help them rebuild their faith in each other, Jamie and Erica embark on a journey of sexual exploration. But is it too late to repair their crumbling marriage? 

Everything Bared (Book Two): Two polar opposites--she's kinky, he's uptight--discover they share a taboo desire that may destroy both their futures. Firefighter Dani Harris has always wanted a family, but doesn't think it's possible because of her demanding, high-stakes career. Her sex life is as high-adrenaline as her job, and that's just one more thing that makes her unsuitable to be a wife and mother. Her secret kink--exhibitionism--has gotten in the way of more than one relationship. Will she ever find a man who not only shares her wild fantasies, but loves her for them? Burdened with ensuring the success of the struggling family business, William Caldwell IV needs a wife suited for a CEO--one with money and connections, who can manage his busy social life and raise their 2.5 children. He's got everything all mapped out, but when he meets Dani, a woman who's every kind of wrong, she taps into desires he's only half-recognized and long-suppressed. Suddenly his carefully crafted five-year plan feels as confining as a straightjacket. As Dani and Will's sexual experimentation escalates, they test the limits of polite society by baring all and risking exposure--an exposure that could cost them their reputations and careers. 

If you're interested in learning more about  and her books, check her out at one of the following links: 

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Interview with Author Sherri Hayes

Note: This interview was originally posted on Lori's Book Blog, July 24, 2012 as part of the Need (Finding Anna, Book 2) blog tour.

1)      When did you know that you wanted to become an author?

That’s a good question. It was never something I aspired to be. At 30, I posted my first story online out of pure frustration over a television storyline. By the time I’d finished it, it was the eighth most read story on the site. I had people encouraging me to write something and try to publish it after that, but I didn’t take it all too seriously. English was one of my worst subjects in school. Being an author never occurred to me. It wasn’t until after my publisher read another story of mine I’d posted online, and approached me, that I even considered it.


2)      What's your favorite book?          

Voyager by Diana Gabaldon


3)      I've read a few of your books and I've noticed that your heroines tend to face past challenges, but always come out so strong.  Where do you get your inspiration for these amazing women?

I draw a lot of inspiration for both my hero’s and heroine’s from my own personal experiences.


4)      Speaking of amazing characters... I couldn't help but absolutely fall head over heels for Stephan, is there anyone in particular that his character resembles?

As in a real-life person? No. Stephan is defined by his experiences just as all my characters are, just as everyone is.


5)      Along with the story, Slave gives off a very important message about Human Trafficking, and how real it really is in today's world... Is there anything specific that inspired you to write about it?

This story idea came to me after hearing the Jaycee Dugard story. I’d been reading some D/s stories at the time, and got the idea to try and mix the two together.


6)      What was the hardest, and easiest parts, to write about in Slave and Need?

For the most part, Stephan’s POV is much easier to write than Brianna’s. Every thought, every word, is filled with emotion from her. I find myself in tears when writing her quite often.


7)      Can you give us a little hint as to what lies ahead for Brianna and Stephan? 

We are going to find out more about how she ended up with Ian, and more about Ian himself. Also, we are finally going to get to hear John’s side of the story. I know a lot of people are dying for that.


8)      Thank you so much for answering my questions today... I just have one more... If you could say anything to your readers, what would it be?"

I hope you enjoy my stories and fall in love with my characters as much as I do.

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