Monday, December 30, 2013

Meeting Monday: Author Spotlight, Kate Lynne (Week of 12/30/13)

Meet Kate Lynne

23 Years Young.
Manager for an assisted living program working with mentally challenged adults.
Currently pursuing my degree in Music Therapy.
Loves Music, writing and reading.
Has a cockapoo dog named Jezebella that is closest thing I have to a child. She's a handful, but I love her.
Currently resides in Michigan, USA.
Addicted to Lip Gloss, Oreos and Sleep.

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The name's V...

I'm beautiful in every sense of the word physically. But on the inside, I'm a black pit. 

If you're expecting a happily ever after, a white picket fence and 2.5 kids; then this isn't the story for you.

There aren't any happily ever after in the works for me or those whose lives I poison. 

I hold the key to my pleasure and I'll be damned if I ever give it up again.

God forsake those that stand in my way of ultimate gratification.

You may regret me, but you'll never forget me.

Use or Be Used, there are no other options...

Confused the second in the series...

You didn't honestly think you could get rid of me just yet, did you?

New town, new faces and by far my biggest conquest yet. I will have him. There is no doubt in my mind.


His name rolls right off my tongue and drips deep down to my core.

Tall, dark and undeniably handsome.

Seducing is the name of the game, but he's not falling for it... Yet!

Of course that doesn't deter me. You should know me better by now.

The only thing left to do is up the ante'. My cold, dead heart at the center of the prize table, up for grabs to my next victim.

Until it suddenly starts to beat again.

Don't panic, I know I'm not. Temporary malfunction, that's all! Nothing more, nothing less.

My heart must be confused. Simply. Fucking. Confused

Understood the third and final in the series...

My finger is on the trigger… Steady. Aim. Fire.

I'm determined to finish what I've started.

I am a lot of things, but a quitter isn't on the list.

I'm not asking for love, hope or even pity.

In fact, if you give me any of those things, it may be you with the gun aimed at your heart.

All I've ever asked is to be UNDERSTOOD…

Unfortunately, if anyone ever does, they'll be the one who ends up taking the bullet!

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Excerpt from Need (Finding Anna, Book 2) by Sherri Hayes


He smiled warmly as he turned to leave for work Wednesday morning. I blushed as he grazed my cheek with his fingers and he told me to have fun with Lily. As I watched him leave, I traced my lips with my index finger. I could still feel the ghost of his pressing against them.

I closed my eyes as I leaned against the back of the couch and remembered last night. It had started out to be a kiss just like all the others, but then he somehow managed to turn me so that my legs were on either side of his. I was straddling him.

He’d encouraged me to touch him. Touch him in any way I wanted. My hands found their way into his hair.

I was unsure. While he’d never had a problem with me touching him, it was something that was very new to me. Ian hadn’t allowed much touching unless it was to service him. A few of the men he’d given me to had liked to be touched, but they always told me where to touch them and what to do. Ste . . . Stephan hadn’t given me instructions.

I remembered my hands in his hair as his fingers traveled up and down my back over my shirt. It was amazing how wonderful it had felt. How wonderful it always felt when I was in his arms.

My breath caught as I remembered how his hands had held tightly to my hips before he pressed me hard against him. I’d felt his arousal through the thin layer of his dress pants.

The moment I felt that unmistakable bulge of want and lust, I’d frozen. I’d felt the panic begin to take over.

He abruptly pulled away from my lips and he made me look at him. I could still hear his voice. Still feel his breath against my lips. “Not until you ask me, Brianna. Not until you ask.”

He’d held us both perfectly still until I’d calmed down. Then, he told me that he needed me to understand how much he wanted me and that he hoped one day I’d let him show me.

I hadn’t known how to respond, but he didn’t seem to need one. Instead, he proceeded to place soft kisses all over my face and then down my neck to a spot just behind my ear.

His mouth kept moving at an unhurried pace over every inch of exposed skin on my face and neck.

My face flushed just remembering it.

After a few minutes, I had started to forget about the part of his anatomy I could feel between my legs. The only things that I could think about were his lips. His tongue. And what they were doing to me. He always seemed to be able to make me feel things. Good things.

The problem was that even now, remembering, I had no idea what it all meant. Everything was very new. Although I liked it, I was scared.

No matter how hard I tried, my thoughts about the previous night continued throughout the morning. I tried to read, but after spending an hour looking at the same page, I stopped and set it aside.

There on the nightstand was the journal he’d given me. My journal.

I reluctantly picked it up. Its pages were fresh and new, just waiting to be filled, so I began to write.

Surprisingly, the words spilled out onto the page. Everything I’d been feeling. My fears. The strange reactions I had when he kissed me. How just having him there with me calmed me down. How different he was from Ian.

I was so caught up in my writing that I didn’t notice the time passing. When I looked up, the clock read eleven thirty. Lily would arrive in fifteen minutes. I threw the journal down on the bed and rushed to my closet to find something to wear.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Beats for The Sheets: Sexy Song of The Month, December

The Holiday season is a time when we all crave warmth, but sometimes sensuality isn't cozy. Sometimes, it's laced with desperation. There's something about Dashboard Confessional that conjures the season of winter for me. It could be that I listened to them relentlessly in a long gone winter of my youth. Listening, singing aloud, and pouring my heart out in my freezing cold Ford Tempo--singing to the lights on my dashboard as this artist intended.

Winter can mean holding hands under fleece blankets while drinking hot chocolate and staring at holiday lights, but it can also make the desire to posses another's heart--or body--even more poignant.

We may remember relationships past and long for their return or feel relieved that they are over.

Either way, this song "Screaming Infidelities" evokes emotion in me and maybe it will for you as well.

Enjoy, and have the warmest of holidays.

I'm missing your bed
I never sleep
Avoiding the spots where we'd have to speak
And this bottle of beast is taking me home

I'm cuddling close
To blankets and sheets
But you're not alone and you're not discreet
You make sure I know who's taking you home

I'm reading your note over again
There is not a word that I comprehend
Except when you signed it
"I will love you always and forever"

As for now I'm gonna hear the saddest songs
And sit alone and wonder,how you're making out
And as for me I wish that I was anywhere
With anyone making out

I'm missing your laugh
How did it break?
And when did your eyes begin to look fake?
I hope you're as happy as your pretending

I'm cuddling close
To play it to cheats
'N I am alone, in my defeat
I wish I knew you were safely at home

I'm missing your bed
I never sleep
Avoiding the spots where we'd have to sleep
And this bottle of beast is taking me home

As for now I'm gonna hear the saddest songs
And sit alone and wonder,how you're making out
And as for me I wish that I was anywhere
With anyone making out

Your hair, it's everywhere
Screaming infidelities and taking its wear
Your hair, it's everywhere
Screaming infidelities and taking its wear

Your hair, it's everywhere
Screaming infidelities and taking its wear
Your hair, it's everywhere
Screaming infidelities and taking its wear

*Song and lyrics property of Dashboard Confessional*

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