Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sherri Hayes - 10 Favorite Things About Being An Author

Note: This was originally post on Nightly Reading on July 31, 2012 as part of the Need (Finding Anna, Book 2) blog tour.

My 10 Favorite Things About Being An Author

1.       Not being considered crazy for having stories floating around in my head.

2.       Being able to create characters and stories that I love.

3.       Interacting and meeting my readers.

4.       Brainstorming ideas with my beta and editor.

5.       Meeting fellow authors and discovering even more books I need to read.

6.       Being able to say ‘I’m an author’ when someone asks what I do for a living.

7.       Hearing someone list my book as one of the best BDSM book they’ve read.

8.       Having my editor send me a note in the middle of reading one of my manuscripts saying how much she’s loving my new story.

9.       Holding my book in my hands for the first time.

10.   Being able to share the stories I love with others.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beats for the Sheets: Sexy Song of the Month

It has been said that music is what feelings sound like. Music can inspire or excite. It can lull us into calm. It can make us feel sexy. It can incite desire. I know I'm not alone when I say the right song can make an intimate moment even more special. 

Each month, I will be sharing a song I find erotically "inspiring". This month that song is "Hot Like Fire" by The XX.

I listened to this band while writing my erotic novel, THE RIGHTEOUS AND THE WICKED. The male and female voices are a perfect compliment to each other. The melody of this song is slow and steady. The lyrics reflect a desire to move beyond just kissing, but waiting can be the most delicious torture. Give a listen...

"You're hotter than a summer's day in California
You got me melting like a sundae, I want you
I know you've been waiting, you've been waiting a long time for me.
If you wait a little while longer this is how it'll be.

Oh, it's gonna be
Hot like fire.
Take you higher.
You can't resist,
Kiss, kiss, and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss...

You shouldn't have said 'take our time'
I'll let you know when I'm ready, if that's alright
I won't keep you, I won't keep you, I won't keep you holding on
But if you wait on me I promise you it won't be long.

I'm gonna make you
Hot like fire.
Take you higher.
You can't resist,
Kiss, kiss, and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss..."

What do you think? Will this song make your playlist? Do you know a song that deserves to be featured in Beats for The Sheets? Answers are welcome in the comments.

See you next month...keep it sexy.


(The lyrics and music listed above are property of The XX)