Tuesday, March 18, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Jace (Bodyguards for Hire) by T.A. Grey

Summary From Goodreads: 

One fateful tail-bender leaves Mara Colgen with a hard-on for Jace Mathews which is not how Mara anticipated meeting the hottest man alive. Or, rather, one crappy afternoon bodyguard Jace gets a rude awakening when some cutesy blonde rear-ends his beautiful truck. Now he’s really in for it. Mara’s pretty, funny, and has the greatest job in the world… 

She is a sex toy operator.

Just those three words send Jace into a dream-like coma plagued with erotic imagery featuring the spunky sex toy operator. As luck would have it for Jace, nothing’s easy. Mara comes to him with a problem…one he cannot refuse to help her out with. Someone strange keeps calling Mara, she thinks someone’s been in her house, and worse Jace might be thinking the same thing. Mara needs help and Jace finds he’s the right man to lend a (strong) helping hand—so long as they seal the deal with more than a kiss.


R.E. Hargrave's Review:
* * * *
The summary for this fairly quick read tells it all. From the first page, Grey gets into the action and will have you turning the pages; I was able to read the book in two sittings.

Jace Mathews (a security specialist with a dark past) and Mara Colgen (a tester of sex toys with her own dark past) are a feisty pair. I enjoyed the characters, but would like to have seen a bit more from Jace himself. I believe this is the first book in a series, so perhaps that’ll come in later installations? The story is complete enough to end here, though, so don’t worry!

Jace is a perfect example of what I like to call “junk food for the brain.” If you go into the story knowing that it’s fiction and meant to be a fun read, then the fast pace of the relationship won’t bother you; nor will the predictability of some of the plot twists. Written well-enough (not too many mistakes to distract from the story), it has an adequate plot and heated love scenes which fans of the erotica/adult contemporary genres will be pleased with.

If you like sassy attitudes, sexy leads, action - both intimate and aggressive - then go ahead and give Jace a try. You just might end up squirming. ;)

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