Tuesday, July 29, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Roulette: Love is a Losing Game by Sam JD Hunt

From Goodreads:

"You might call me a Dominant or a Top, but really I’m just a very successful woman in my 30s looking for sexy role-play without the complications of a relationship. I need control. Love has never been on my agenda. Until, of course, one day the much younger Thomas Hunt came into my life. He broke down my walls and taught me to let go; he made me feel alive for the first time. I might even be capable of loving him if lies and betrayals don’t tear us apart first." Samantha Drake

Roulette: Love Is A Losing Game is the first book in The Thomas Hunt Submissive Series. Set in Las Vegas, it’s a contemporary love story that incorporates light BDSM themes with modern, steamy role-play.

The modern, sizzling sexual content and language used in this book is intended for mature audiences only.

R.E. Hargrave's Review
* * * *
A budding romance. Intrigue. Kinky sex. Murder.

Welcome to Las Vegas, and the life of Samantha Drake: lawyer by day, Domme by night. Except that Vegas is the city that never sleeps and it doesn’t take long for her two worlds to begin blending. 

With her defenses locked up tighter than Fort Knox, Sam faces her biggest challenge when she decides to let Thomas Hunt inside her armor. Little by little, she starts relinquishing control to her playful young submissive as he takes his fledgling steps into “Domhood.” What she isn’t prepared for, is exactly what that means or how to separate her growing romantic feelings from the possessive, domineering ones.

When things start going wrong in her professional life, it’s unclear who Sam can really turn to for help. Does she follow her heart, or her head? It seems every decision she makes leads to pain for someone else. Only time will tell when her own life ends up on the line.

Roulette will sweep you up and take you an adventure across the pages. Don’t trust anyone, and be prepared to be left chomping at the bit for more when you reach the end. The next installment in this series is due out in September I believe, and I can’t wait to see where Hunt takes us next.

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