Tuesday, August 12, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Caught in the Middle by Kira Barker

From Goodreads: 

For years now, resident surgeon Erin Slater has been focused on her career. Sexual frustration has her on edge, and it seems like a wet dream come true when her best friend Jack and his roommate Simon offer to help her scratch that itch. Their afternoon of debauchery leaves her yearning for more, particularly to explore her submissive side – a craving that Simon, an experienced Dom himself, is only too happy to satisfy. But there’s also Jack, who she’s closer to than anyone else in the world. When emotions factor into the equation, things get complicated, forcing Erin to make a decision which man she will choose – but why can’t she have both?

Dive into this vivid tale of friendship, lust, love, bondage, dominance, and submission. Intended for mature audiences.

R.E. Hargrave's Review:
* * * * *
Long time friends turned lovers: this is the heart of Caught in the Middle. While it sounds simple, Barker’s delivery is anything but. Instead, it's an erotic tale packed with emotional surprises and plenty of plot. Oh, and there’s the bonus twist of there being not two, but three parties involved in said transitioning relationship.

When Erin lets down her walls after a particularly trying week of residency, she finds herself caught between two very different, but lovable, men: Simon and Jack. It doesn’t take Erin long to realize that both can offer her something she wants, and needs

With Jack she has a past; years of friendship has resulted in them learning each other to the core and building a trust and respect that can only be gained with time. But Simon is her present as he begins introducing her to the finer points of BDSM, letting her into his secret world. She thrives on the therapeutic outlet it becomes in dealing with her struggles as a young, single woman, pulling long hours~and paying off enormous debts~in pursuit of her medical career. 

What starts as a frolic of physical release quickly escalates, blurring lines. Erin is unprepared when her need and respect of the two men shifts, and romantic feelings begin creeping in . . . for both Simon and Jack. 

With so many nuances and lifestyle adjustments, bumps in the road are expected, but I was floored with how smooth, how seamlessly the story shifted between scenes and moved forward. Well-written and well-edited, always a plus in my book, Caught in the Middle had me laughing, getting angry, longing for my own session, and even crying.

This story has it all. It portrays the BDSM lifestyle with class and grace, yet has no shortage of gratuitous sex for the erotica lover. The philosophical angle~exploring the mental, social, and emotional dynamics while this trio progresses~is insightful, letting the reader enjoy the story and, in my case, be left rooting for Simon, Jack, and Erin to make it.

Kira Barker’s debut novel is engaging and brilliant, and has left me anticipating the next installment in the We Kinky Three series.

*Content warning: story does include m/m scenes, m/f/m scenes, and assorted bondage and discipline scenes. If these aren't your thing, this story may not be for you. If you're curious or open-minded, please give it a shot!

**I was gifted a copy of the book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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