Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Works Wednesday (Author Spotlight, Kate Lynne)

An Excerpt from
By Kate Lynne

“Yes, baby, just like that.” I moan because I’m sitting on his face and his tongue is deep inside of me, flicking around aimlessly back and forth. No solid direction, but it stills feels fucking golden. I have his hands tied to the bed posts behind him. “Come on, don’t stop…lick that pussy until I cum all over your face. You like it when I squirt all over you. You love it when I grind my pussy against your tongue until you can’t breathe!” He mumbles, but I can’t hear him for obvious reasons. I’m riding his face like I would trot on a horse and he fucking loves it. He thinks this control is just an act. They all do. I slap his chest when he starts coughing, leaving a bright red hand mark behind. I cum so hard that my toes go numb and my leg continuously twitches. A mixture of him tongue fucking my soaking wet cunt and seeing the handiwork my feminine hand did on his brilliantly muscled chest instantly sends me over the edge. I get off of his face and climb off the bed without releasing him. I grab my purse from the bedside table. I pull my cigarettes out and light one up. I dance around the room, to the beat inside my own head. I tempt him by wiggling every asset I have around the room. I shimmy my hands, shake my breasts and even turn around so he gets a nice glance at my sexy ass.
“You like what you see, baby?” I ask him.
“Mm…yes. Come here, V. Untie me.” He’s practically whimpering. The begging is one of my favorite parts.
“Say please.”
I now have my hand trailing down to my core. I trace my outer lips and stick my middle finger inside my wet pussy. I bring it out slowly, teasing myself just the way I like. I slowly bring my middle finger up to my lips and suck it seductively into my mouth. He erupts all over himself and I haven’t even touched him.
“Naughty, naughty boy. You came before I said you could. Have fun lying there for the rest of the night alone.” I continue my dance around the room, making my way, butt ass naked to the bedroom door to let myself out. I happen to glance at the wall and there it is, a fucking wedding photo. How in the world did I not notice that before? Must have been all the bodily fluids I was leaking and my brain being fuzzy. I get that way from over-stimulation. Ah well, other fish in the sea. I exit the room and laugh.
“Nooo! Come back, V! Stop fucking around. Don’t leave me tied up here!” He’s screaming now and it only causes my laughter to increase. Rage rapid fires and takes over my entire being.
“Being tied up is not the worst thing that can happen to you, believe that!” I call back. If only he knew how much truth I was telling in that moment and usually I don’t tell the truth.

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