Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tantilating Treasure Tuesday!

In the modern age, millions of wonderful artwork is at our fingertips, waiting to give us inspiration in our writing. Erotic images are some of the best muses for authors like us, so we have put together a post featuring some of our favorite steamy images. Some remind us of our characters, some have just sparked the plot bunnies. Either way, we offer this delectable artwork for the viewing pleasure of our fans.

Without further ado, today’s images come from Lissa Bryan, author at The Writer’s Coffee Shop. Lissa found these images online and felt they were classic and elegant, leaving enough to the imagination but enticing all the same. What do you think? Any plot bunnies being sparked out there?

Speaking of plot bunnies, Lissa has decided to offer us an insight to erotica over the ages. Over the next couple of months, Lissa will write articles featuring the development of erotica into the hot ticket item it is today. Keep a look out!


Have a favorite image you’d like to see featured on our blog? Let us take a peek and we will add it to our treasure trove.

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