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The Works Wednesday (Author Spotlight~N. Isabelle Blanco)

From the desk of N. Isabelle Blanco

Addictive Lunacy

I sighed, feeling a headache coming on. Dorian text me next, also apologizing. Whatever. There went my “carefully” laid out plans of letting loose for the night. I’d just opened the door to exit the bathroom when a woman’s voice reached my ears. A voice that could only be described as sexy. “What do you mean you’re not coming? Damn it woman, I’m already here! You know, these are the moments I’m convinced that Ang values our friendship more than you do even though we just met...well, can’t you tell your slave-driving boss you already made plans? No, I don’t give a fuck that he got called into a last minute meeting!” I swallowed heavily, something about that voice and the way it wrapped around the word “fuck” affecting me. Confused, I turned the corner, intent on moving towards the stairs leading back up to the bar. Intent, common sense, and all general intelligence flew right out of the back of my head when I caught sight of the owner of that voice. A tiny blond thing was pacing back and forth in front of the stairs, her agitated steps so fast that she was almost a blur. She was wearing a tight black skirt that reached mid-thigh. Her skin was entrancing; I immediately realized that fact, especially the amount of leg that was left bare to my view. All the way down to her flat little boots that ended at her ankles. She paired it with a white button down shirt that had the sleeves pushed up to her elbows. But the part of her outfit that was completely different was the black fedora hat on her head. It was obviously a man’s hat but on her it looked...cute. She was sexy and too fucking cute. The woman turned, not catching sight of me as she continued pacing. The side of her face hit me like a slap to my own. Big lashes, small upturned nose, and a matching chin. All of it was beyond attractive. Yes. But it was her lips...dear God, those lips. I’ve never seen lips like that in my life. My lips parted in surprise, air rushing out. It took me a few seconds to realize that the pounding I was hearing in my ears was my heart. It roared in my chest, pummeling blood through my veins. Blood that was... Oh, fuck no. Are you fucking serious right now? An erection? Really? Yes. Not that I was stranger to them, but this one hit me hard and out of nowhere. I actually took a step back, panting with shock and hunger. The beauty before me continued, still oblivious to my existence. An existence that now felt like it was being somehow consumed by her. “You made me get all ready and now you’re leaving me hanging.” The tiny woman stomped her foot in her frustration. “Yeah, well, you told me, ‘Liv, get sexy as fuck, we’re going out.’ So what did Liv do? Liv did her hair...yes, I straightened out my wavy as fuck locks for your ass. I even got waxed. Of course I got everything waxed...I know my pussy’s not for you. No, I wasn’t hoping to hook up with someone tonight, you insufferable shrew. Point is, you told me to be here and be sexy while doing it and now you’re leaving me hanging!” I should have cleared my throat, asked her to move, and gotten the hell out of there. But there was no way I could do any of those things. I was frozen and somehow on the verge of breaking out into a sweat. At no point of my life could I claim that I’d ever had an overly active imagination. Until then. The moment the words “waxed” and “pussy” registered in my mind, my knees nearly became useless. I silently yelled at my mind to get the hell out of there and ignore what I’d just heard. A warning dismissed. My mouth had gone desert-dry, images running through my head that had no business being there. I ran the back of my hand across my mouth, realizing that it was shaking. Badly. What the hell was happening to me? This was...visceral. That was the only damned word that came to mind. It was also wrong! My dick was rock hard for a sexy little stranger that I’d never seen before in my life. This could be considered normal but I’d been engaged to another woman up to yesterday, and on top of that, I hadn’t reacted to a woman like this since I was a teenager. No. Not even then. Fuck! “Ugh, you know what? Fuck you and your damned boss, Dem. Yeah, yeah. Whatever. No, I don’t forgive you.” There was a playful tone behind her words. A smile was playing at the corner of her lips. Someway, somehow, I found myself jealous of that smile. You’re definitely going insane. A smile? Really? You want to be a smile? Those luscious lips twitched again and I found myself mutely nodding. So full. God, just look at the bottom one... She’d stopped her pacing and now stood with her side facing me. Against my will, my eyes traveled from head to toe, drinking in every detail. My mouth felt bone dry but somehow, it felt like drool was about to leak out of the corner of my lips. I heard the woman say goodbye and saw her hang up the phone. That was my moment. My moment to move. Did I take it? Fuck no. I was paralyzed. Completely so. A part of me hoped that she would just turn around and walk up the stairs. That she’d ignore me and leave me to deal with the thing that was suddenly eating at me. No such luck. All it took for her to notice me was her hanging up her phone. The moment this beautiful creature named Liv turned to look at me, I knew I was done for. I knew it. She had to tilt her head all the way back to look at me. Huge, dark blue eyes blinked in confusion. I could see shock there. Then, a look I’d seen before in women’s eyes crossed her own. Considering what she was doing to me, it should have come as no surprise that seeing that look on her face nearly sent me into a rage. Not the type that had to do with anger, although that simmered beneath everything. But seeing those huge eyes falling to my feet and slowly, very slowly, crawling their way back up, getting hotter and hotter all the while... This time, I did clear my throat. Not because I wanted to interrupt her. Hell no. Her gaze felt like a physical touch beneath my clothes and most of my idiotic body was loving it. The clearing of my throat came about simply because I couldn’t really breathe anymore. Not really. My throat was closing in on me, intent on ending my life. The woman heard me and her eyes snapped up to meet my own. Nothing could have surprised me more than when she narrowed them, one eyebrow raising as she threw me an annoyed look. She huffed, crossing her arms. “Oh what? You can stand there and eavesdrop on my convo, which I totally know you did, and I can’t take something in return?” I blinked, completely confused. Then, because my eyes truly were against me, they decided to give her one more very thorough once-over. God. As Luke would say, she’s fucking hot. That dark blond eyebrow remained raised. Then, God help me, she pursed her lips, tilting her head and studying me. “How much of that did you actually hear?” she asked, her small hand raising to adjust the hat on her head. I swallowed, trying to find my voice. “A...quite a bit,” I finally said, not wanting to lie to her. A sheepish look came over her face for about a second. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. I was just leaving the bathroom and...yeah.” I was feeling completely out of my element as I motioned uselessly behind me. She looked away, her cheeks actually turning pink. Fuck my life and everything in it. “Well, I’m sorry you had to hear that. I was just...annoyed.” She wouldn’t meet my eyes. Something about seeing such an outspoken girl semi–shy got to me. I found myself biting the inside of my cheek to keep myself from smiling. “It’s ok. From what I gathered, you got stood up.” Anger flared in her eyes for a second. “Yeah. So annoying, too. I went out of my way to be here. Kinda needed to have some fun, too.” And she pouted. She fucking pouted. I’m going to come. I’m going to come and all because of just looking at those lips. Perhaps it was time to get away. No, it had been time to get away awhile ago. Now that I was talking to her, a part of me was actually hesitant to go. I tried to keep my tone conversational even as my lower abs tightened with heat. “I know the feeling. I got stood up, as well.” Her eyes moved back towards me and between their color and those eyelashes, I was almost what you would call enchanted. Like a damned moth. “Who stood you up? Friends?” “My friend and my annoying brother. Good for nothing idiot that he is.” Liv giggled out of nowhere. I kind of wanted to fling myself off a building. Or onto her. Holy fuck. “Well, that sucks. Both of us here and stood up.” She paused after that, a pensive look coming over her face. Then, those big eyes brightened and nearly killed me. She looked back up at me, neck tilted back, and offered me the one thing I knew I wouldn’t be able to refuse. “Wanna hang out upstairs and have a few drinks? At least we both get to say the night won’t be a complete waste, then.”

Allure Magnified

I turned over onto my side, fighting the embarrassing urge that demanded that I hump my hand. Or my bed. Possibly both. Groaning, I kicked off my covers, knowing that the AC was on full blast and there was nothing I could do about the heat. I’d taken a cold shower before going to bed but it hadn’t done anything to help. Fucking myself silly hadn’t done anything, either, so I knew there was no point of going down that avenue again. My fingers just weren’t enough to do anything. I should’ve gone with Liv and Ang to that damned sex shop. Missing Dorian had become a stress test that was out of control. My body had become addicted to the painful, euphoric high of his touch. Without him around, my brain chemistry was loopy, attacking me for not being able to provide it its new favorite drug. There was nothing I could do about it. Hell, Dorian hadn’t wanted to leave. Our goodbye before his business trip had been frantic, passionate... overwhelming and desperate. I’ll never forget the look on his face that night, the way he ground his teeth together as if leaving me was the most painful thing that he’d ever done. The memory of that look sent another lustful pulse of need radiating through my core, one that had me groaning in frustration and rolling my eyes in irritation. I was about to kick the covers completely off and give up on sleep altogether when I heard my phone vibrate on my nightstand. The light it gave off illuminated my dark room. My heart jumped into my throat, making my mouth fall open on a sharp gasp of surprise. Everything in my body went into overdrive. It was pathetic and awe-inspiring all at once. I knew without looking at the caller ID that it was Dorian calling. I sat up with that thought, reaching over to snatch my phone off the nightstand. My fingers shook; I was so clumsy that I almost rejected the incoming call. “He—Hello?” His sharp inhalation brought me close to biting through my lip. “I can’t sleep, Demi.” The rough way he said my name left nothing to the imagination. I opened my mouth to reply...a plaintive sound is what leaked out instead. “I miss you. Too much. More than I fucking should,” he admitted. Funny, I could’ve said the same thing. “It’s been too damned long. How did I think I could do this?” Good question. I’d been asking myself the same thing for nearly two weeks. “Damn it, Demi. Say something. I need to at least hear your voice.” “I need you.” I could do nothing other than gasp out that one miserable truth. My breaths were panting and my nipples grazed my tank top with each one. “God. I need you, too. So much. I can’t think straight anymore.” “Dorian,” I moaned. Jesus, even I could hear the agony sliding across every syllable of his name. I shifted, my thighs pressing together harshly. It did nothing to ease the empty pounding tearing through me. “I’m so hard for you, it hurts to even breathe, girl. Are you wet for me, baby?” “You know I fucking am.” Frustration was riding me hard, feeding an anger that showed itself in my tone. My thighs shifted again, pointlessly rubbing together, seeking the friction that I desperately craved. It just didn’t do any good. Only my hand had offered me any type of relief up until then, and even that was no longer enough to satisfy me. “Baby.” Dorian’s exhalation had me groaning and biting my cheek. “Demi, touch yourself. I need to hear you.” I whimpered and turned onto my side. “I can’t.” My face was pressed into my pillow, my hips all but humping the air. The arousal had turned in on me. What I felt was not only painful but borderline unnatural. How could I want anyone this much? Dorian still hadn’t replied and if he hadn’t been breathing harshly, I would’ve thought that the call had dropped. “Get on the computer.” “What?” I asked. “Get on Skype, Demi. Now.” He’d barely finished his demand and I was already scrambling out of bed. I nearly dropped my phone as I ran the short distance to my desk and ripped my laptop off its surface. Tremors attacked my body at the mere thought of seeing him... I wouldn’t get to touch him but just thinking about seeing his dick had my skin burning hot. Oh God, his beautiful cock that I was dying to touch... “Demi…” “Logging in now,” I said, fingers flying across the keyboard. “Get naked. I want you spread for me as soon as I see you.”

Destructively Alluring

It all happened so fast. I pressed my lips to hers and raw, agonizing sensation exploded. It all rose up and mixed with the muskiest flavor I’d ever tasted. I heard an animalistic growl leave me as I all but swallowed her bottom lip, sucked it in and got lost in the juicy feeling of it. As lost as I was in the sharp stabs of lust that were assaulting my lower abs and cock, I was still expecting her to pull back. Still expecting her to attack me, shove me away, hurt me and run screaming bloody murder out of the office. She didn’t. Demitra was panting against my mouth and she hadn’t moved as I continued to suck her bottom lip. I grabbed it between my teeth, my hands now cupping her small face. I pulled back and bit slightly harder, then soothed where my teeth had just been with my tongue. What happened next floored and ensnared me. Demitra finally moved, a harsh breath leaving her and sliding into me. Her small hands gripped my dress shirt and a sound left her that nearly pushed me to my knees. Next thing I knew, we were stumbling, I was pressing her against the desk, and one of her tiny hands had wrapped around my neck. Lord help me, she brought me closer. And...her tongue. I felt her tongue. “Demi.” I moaned biting her lower lip and using the hold I had on her jaw to coax her mouth open. That delicious sound left her mouth again and she tilted her head, allowing me access and even sliding out her tongue to meet mine as it slid in. This time my knees did jerk. I let go of her face and grabbed her hips hard, groaning into her mouth at the feel of her. 
I’d been unwillingly fantasizing about her for months, touching her now was debilitating. I swirled my tongue around hers, my hands tightening and my fingers sliding an inch back. The curve of her ass called to me but a part of me was afraid to move too fast. Hell, I was already going too fast. But again, she was allowing me to and her taste was sheer intoxication. The way her tongue slid against mine, the movements wet and slightly shy... “Fuck,” I gasped, realizing that while delicious, her movements seemed unpracticed. Uncertain. I breathed deeply, nipping lightly at her bottom lip because I couldn’t bring myself to fully pull away. “Don’t...God, girl. Don’t tell me I just stole your first kiss.” Demitra shook her head, her eyes focused on my mouth with an intensity that made me twitch. “No, I just haven’t...” then she pulled away, a look of embarrassment crossing her face. “Is it that obvious?” Her voice was small when she asked, her cheeks darkening and her stare dropping. “What?” I cupped her chin and forced her to look back up at me. “What are you talking about?” Demitra pulled her face away from me and adjusted her glasses in a move that made my cock impossibly harder. A move I’ve seen so many times over the last few months and one that got me every time. “I’ve only been with one guy...for a little while...” “Stop.” I actually growled, my vision flaring red at the images that her admission caused. My hips thrust into her and my hands became vicious. My chest was still vibrating with remnants of that growl as I pressed my lips to her jaw. I exhaled roughly and tried to bring the irrational and unprecedented jealousy I was feeling under control. Suddenly, my brain was twisting with curiosity that my dick was backing up. After all, he rationalized, we needed to know what we were getting into if we were going to get into it. Jesus, I really am sick. And hard. So hard and aching deep down in my bones. I was anxious to claim the little trembling body against me. “Tell me,” I panted, my teeth grazing her jaw. The sound that left her was a bomb, made specifically to turn the walls of my control into ash. “How far have you gone?...Are you a virgin?” I knew those questions were me taking it too far. I knew it was tactless of me to ask about her sexual history when we were nothing more than employee and employer. Old family acquaintances, at best.

Blood Flows Deep in the Empire

Something caught Ismini’s attention, making her turn her head. There was a low sound coming from her far right, and as soon as she took two steps toward it, she knew what it was. Her whole body roared to life, and before she knew it, the mating rushed up on her and she was moving. Ismini walked the length of the balcony with light but hurried steps. She made it halfway around the circumference of the compound when the moonlight illuminated a figure she’d come to recognize so well. Dyletri stood in front of the stone balcony railing, staring off into the night. Ismini knew she should walk away, but something in his expression made it impossible. His shoulders were slumped forward. He looked exhausted in a way that no being like him should have been. Even taking into account the moonlight reflecting off his white hair, Ismini could tell he was too pale. Worry got the best of her, and before she had a chance to think better of it, she was approaching him and calling out his name. “Dyletri?” His entire body went rigid. So much that Ismini feared for a second that he was on the verge of jumping right off the balcony. There was something about him that throbbed with energy, but the way he seemed to tremble and refused to acknowledge her had her taking one more cautious step forward. “Are you okay?” Ismini knew she couldn’t hide the worry. He glanced toward her, most of his face hidden in shadow. She tried to keep her distance, she really did, but her body was rebelling against her in the worst way. Next thing Ismini knew, she was walking closer to him again and the closer she got, the more she saw that he was, in fact, trembling. “I’m serious. What’s wrong?” she asked again, fighting the urge to reach out to him. “Ismini . . . ” Ismini had been told that beings like him couldn’t get sick. But at that particular moment, she was doubting that with every fiber of her being, and the mere thought of something happening to him made her want to die. She wasn’t being melodramatic, either. Vedlyl had explained that if Dyletri did somehow die, Ismini was going with him, no matter what.
A mated being couldn’t live without their mate, plain and simple. “Please. Please tell me what’s wrong.” She continued her advance, not even realizing how odd it was that he was walking backwards. That he seemed to be fleeing from her. Dyletri’s back met the end of the balcony, where the wall was. “I need you to stay back,” he said, his tone menacing. Ismini couldn’t see his face. But she could still see those damned tremors. She couldn’t have forced herself to walk away even if she had wanted to. Dyletri shook his head and stepped away from her. “No. I need you to stay back.” Huh? “I’m serious, Ismini. Stay back!” She was a mere three feet away from him and couldn’t stop. His energy had leaked into the air and was throbbing around her, vibrating and hypnotizing her and drawing her closer. “There’s something wrong with you. You’ve been looking sick for days!” Please, just tell me you’re okay. I’ll force myself to leave somehow . . . just say you’re all right. Ismini stopped in front of him. Past the point of rational thought, she raised her hand and placed it on his shoulder. She had thought he’d done all he would do to imprint himself on her mind and body. Ismini had been so wrong. Moving at top speed, Dyletri grabbed her and turned them both. He pressed her front against the wall he’d just been backed up against. Ismini almost died. The very air she breathed became molten inside her. He was close to her back. Too fucking close. So close Ismini just wanted to whimper and press herself against him. She wanted to rotate her hips and beg him to do something about the ache inside her. Exhaling shakily, she wished there was a way she could dig her nails into something. Anything. The same way his hand was digging into the stone next to her head. Dyletri leaned closer, his face nuzzling her hair. Ismini swore that the strands had developed nerve endings all of a sudden. She felt his touch shooting through them. Up into her scalp. Down into the fabric of her skin. Lower. A gasp left her. She was barely holding on to her sanity. “Dyletri.” His hand, the one that that had been digging into the stone, disappeared. It came back, slamming so hard into the wall that Ismini jumped. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the cracks spreading out from where his fingers were. Ismini shouldn’t have been able to see those details in the dark, but Dyletri’s skin was glowing again. His veins were lighting up in the same way they had in the alley back on Earth. No, wait, it was more than that. Every individual vein on the back of his hand glowed. Then Dyletri murmured her name. “Ismini . . . ” She shuddered and almost came right there. His voice was seductive against her ear. Her entire uterus throbbed and threatened to leave her body, and the resulting gush was embarrassing. She shook as she fought the urge to force herself on him. There was no way she could ever overpower him, but she wanted to. God, did she want to. Ismini heard the stone on the side of her head crack some more. Heard the stone railing to her left fracturing as well. She should have been frightened by how powerful Dyletri was, but instead, she felt something inside her snap loose. Felt whatever control she had over the mating turn to ash that was swept away and consumed by a tornado of need. She was defenseless. “Ismini . . . stop me. Tell me to stop.” His voice slid into her. There was something in his tone that her body instinctively recognized. Something her body bowed to, but her will refused to obey. “No,” she whispered. “No, I don’t think I want to.”

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