Thursday, November 7, 2013

Beats for the Sheets: Sexy Song of the Month (November)

It's November. The air is cool, the days are short. At least that's how it is here in the Northeast. It's a perfect time of year to lay in bed, snuggled under a blanket with someone you love (or with a sexy book to read!).

As I was preparing this post, it made me think of a scene from my novel The Righteous and The Wicked, which will be released in May. I thought I'd share it with you:

"Emma awakes, caged in Eric’s arms. They tether her in place, and she doesn't object to the sensation. Sighing with contentment, she snuggles deeper beneath the blankets with him, but then a horrible reality makes itself known.
It’s Monday.
She rolls over to face him, and his lips touch hers, though his eyes remain unopened. Emma giggles at his zealousness. The first thought Eric has is a wish to wake up to that sound from this day on. He squints at the clock, and then flops his head back down on the pillow, knowing Emma will have to leave.
“You should quit your job.” He yawns.
Emma gets up from the downy bed, leaving her place beside the remarkable, and gorgeous, half-naked man. She pulls his T-shirt off her body and tosses it at him. He holds it to his nose, breathing in her lingering perfume.
“And do what? Become your personal sex slave?” She teases.
“Yes. That is exactly what you should do. It’s your calling in life.” He teases her back, but then becomes serious. “You should call in sick. Stay with me, Emma.”
The way he speaks to her is so tempting. The way it sounds when he says her name . . . it’s like she’s never heard it spoken before, by anyone, until now. After several attempts at saying good-bye, she dresses and makes her way home through the blanket of the morning mist."

The song I've chosen for the month of November is "Sweet Avenue" by Jets to Brazil. This song is slow and sweet and the lyrics reflect the gratitude that comes when you have finally found the person who completes you. The person who brings out the best version of you. Everything shines brighter and everything is possible. 
So snuggle up with the one you love, or a great erotic novel, and give this song a listen. 

"Sweet Avenue" Lyrics:
tasting you in rain I walk down to the train
try not to look down
this day could some day be an anniversary
everything is light and sound
facing forwards going slowly wait for you to show me
where this train wants to go
living by the hour I stop for every flower
everything is soft and slow
now all these tastes improve through the view that comes with you
like they handed me my life
for the first time it felt right
thank you for making me see there's a life in me
it was dying to get out
holding you we make two spoons beneath an April moon
everything is soft and sweet
this cigarette it could seduce
a nation with its smoke
crawling down my tired throat
scratches part of me that's purring
softly stirring
I'm a captain of industry smoking famously
feet up on the windowsill
looking at all these trees I feel affinity with
everything so soft and still
budding at my fingertips
touching you I start to bloom
alive with trains and passing ships
soft and sweet along your lips now
I go "oh wow"
thank you for taking me from my monastery
I was dying to get out
with tears of gratitude
I like my latitude
cross town train to you
now all these tastes improve
through the view that comes with you
like they handed me my life for the first time it felt worth it
like I deserved it.

Sweet, right? Do you have a song you think deserves to featured as sexy song of the month? Leave a comment!

*Song and lyrics property of Jets to Brazil
*excerpt from The Righteous and The Wicked property of April Emerson (c) 2012.

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